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ALOHA! PRE-BOOK your fresh Hawaiian flower lei and share the Aloha! Choose the arrival date of your choice and we will ship your vibrant Hawaiian flower leis nationwide to your door. Mahalo!
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Hawaiian Lei Company is committed to providing exceptional customer service.  If our "Frequently Asked Questions" fail to satisfy your inquiry, please email us at or call us toll free at 1-888-395-LEIS (5347).  We are available Monday through Saturday from 7am to 4pm and Sunday from 8am to Noon (Hawaii Standard Time GMT-10).

How much does shipping and delivery cost?
Click here to view our shipping and delivery charges.

When can I place my order?
It's never too early to order!  You can place your order in advance for any chosen arrival date (the website will prompt you to enter in the exact arrival date you’d like your leis to arrive.) We will make the leis fresh on the morning of shipment.  During the months of May and June we are EXTREMELY busy due to graduation and wedding season.  During these busy months, we appreciate if you could book your order at least a month in advance (the sooner the better.)

Can I order last minute?
We know life can be busy!  So yes, we accept last minute orders.  Please understand, by booking last minute, there may be some unavailability, so have a second choice ready.  If you need your order to be shipped out today, please look at the clock! We need your order placed by 1 pm (Pacific Hawaii Time) to make sure we can sew and pack your lei(s) in time for shipping.  If ordering after that timeframe, there are no guarantees that we can ship your lei at the last minute; your order may be postponed to the next shipping day.  We will always keep you informed and work with you.

Will you get my order delivered in time for my event?
When you are closing out your order, we ask you for the precise date of arrival.  Please state the exact day you would like your shipment to arrive.  Just a little tip: we prefer to send your order to arrive two days prior to your event.  So, for example, if your event is scheduled for Saturday, we will make sure your shipment arrives on Thursday.  Request/CHOOSE Thursday as your shipment arrival date (upon check-out, you are asked to choose the exact date of arrival.)  In some cases, we recommend requesting three to four days prior to your event based on the location or event timing.  Call or emails us if you have questions.

What shipping option should I choose?
We highly recommend choosing our Priority overnight options in the summer months and extreme Winter months. Priority is a morning delivery for most areas before 10:30am or Noon (for more rural zip codes.) For most states, overnight shipping is available Tuesday through Saturday. Monday has shipping restrictions – (see next category concerning arrival dates.)

Shipping Options Available:

  • Standard Overnight - Delivery before 4:30 pm for business and 8:00 pm for residential (most areas)
  • Priority Overnight - Delivery before 10:30 am for most areas [Recommended]
  • Two Day Air - DISCONTINUED AS OF 2021

What if I need my lei for an event on Saturday or Sunday?
Believe it or not, we highly recommend choosing Thursday as your arrival date. Choosing a Friday or Saturday arrival date can be risky with both UPS and FedEx. Statistically, most of the big courier deliveries are scheduled at the beginning and middle of the work week. Only a third of the couriers work on Saturdays. If there is a volume or disruption delay on a Friday, your package could be held up until Monday- missing your weekend event altogether. We strongly recommend Thursday as an arrival date so we have Friday as a buffer!

What if I need my lei for an event on Monday or Tuesday?
When choosing an arrival date for FedEx or UPS shipping, you can choose Tuesday through Saturday for any state. Monday arrival dates are available for all states, but we do not recommend it for flowers! It is a mandatory two day shipment, so we do not recommend this option and have discontinued all shipping for Monday arrivals. (In other words, the fresh lei will be traveling for two days, possibly three, if there is a delay.) Choose hardy lei (usually non fragrant) and an arrival date that delivers the week prior.

Tuesday arrival dates are available for all states, but if your event is needed for Tuesday, we highly recommend you do not choose Tuesday as the arrival date. We always recommend receiving your lei prior, just in case there is an unforeseen delay in shipping. Choose hardy lei (usually non fragrant) and an arrival date that delivers the week prior.

Are Saturday shipments available?
Yes.  However, shipments delivered via FedEx for Saturday delivery are very expensive.  Typically, we charge an addition $20 more than the standard shipping cost ($10 for Priority and $10 for Saturday Delivery.)  We recommend choosing Thursday or Friday as your arrival date (see above for choosing the best date of arrival.)

Do you ship to the Outer-Islands?
Yes, of course!  We are located on the main island of Oahu.  We ship daily Monday thru Friday to the outer-islands.  Shipping is drastically reduced for outer-island shipping and usually cost a fraction of what it cost to the US Mainland.  Call for pricing.  If booking online, we will adjust the shipping automatically after your order is booked.  For all in-state (Hawaii) shipments, FedEx does not guarantee a delivery time before 5:30pm.

Note: Beginning April 2008, FedEx is offering "same day service" for shipping to most zip codes in the outer-islands.  This means, shipping will be sent out the same day as your requested delivery date.  (Prior to April, leis were shipped for an overnight service to the outer-islands.) You will get a crisp, garden fresh lei made just hours before!

Do you do airport greetings?
Sorry, we do not do airport greetings.  Most airport greetings (these days) are associated with travel groups or tours.  We can, however, deliver your lei directly to your hotel via local delivery (if staying in Waikiki) or via FedEx (outer-island.)  Choose "Local Delivery" when checking out.

Do you ship fragrant leis to the Mainland?
Yes, we are very popular for our fragrant leis!  When choosing fragrant leis, remember to read all the notes before ordering.  A lot of flowers are seasonal and may not be in its prime during the time you’d like to use it.  Also, we highly recommend not shipping certain fragrant flowers during the hottest time of the summer.  Although we pack in insulated iced boxes, we cannot control what FedEx/UPS does with your box after it leaves our shop.  Call or email us for recommendations if you need fragrant leis in the middle of the summer!

Are discounts available on big orders?
Yes.  We offer significant savings on substantial orders.  Quotes are sent (in writing) via email, fax, or mail.  There is also a category under orchid flower lei that shows "bulk price" for quick ordering of single purple orchid lei (most popular leis for large gatherings.)

May we request a custom or special lei that isn’t displayed on your website?
We are often asked if we can accommodate special and custom requests.  Yes, yes, and yes!  We love a challenge and enjoy creating unique, custom leis by means of your creativity and originality.  Also, there is such a diverse assortment of leis; it is difficult to exhibit them all on our website.  To make a special request, please email us at or call us toll free at 1-888-395-LEIS (5347).

Are there specific gender (male or female) leis?
Yes, however, most leis are not labeled "male or female" and look attractive on both genders.  If you have any questions or need suggestions, please email or call us and we would love to assist you.

We will be in Honolulu, Oahu.  Can we pick-up our leis?
Yes!  You can book your order online and schedule a window of time to pick up your leis at our shop.

Do you deliver in Honolulu?
We deliver to Waikiki, Downtown and central Honolulu, and Hawaii Kai.

What is the ‘packing and handling’ fee?
There is a one-time $10 surcharge for packing and handling, per shipment (not per lei).  This is in addition to your FedEx or UPS shipping cost.  We boldly assure you that your flowers will be exceptionally packed for shipping durability.  Included in this fee is the unique packing material and agricultural inspection stamps.  Our effective packing method is a proven success for thousands of leis sent all over the country using the fastest delivery method available, FedEx or UPS.

May we use our own FedEx or UPS account number to ship our lei order?
Sorry, we do not do use this option anymore due to some charge backs.

How do I track my order shipment?
The day of your shipment, we will contact you via email with your order number and FedEx or UPS tracking number.  If there is a change, delay or set-back, you may call Fedex at 1-800-GoFedEx (463-3339) or UPS at 1-800-742-5877 and provide them your tracking number.

What is your 100% freshness guarantee?
We are so confident that your flowers will arrive fresh and exquisite, that we are offering a 100% freshness guarantee or your money back.  Please contact us immediately upon receipt if there is a setback so we can quickly remedy the problem.  We do not offer refunds or reshipments if you contact us more than a day after receipt due to the nature of perishables.

What is your cancellation policy?

  • Advance cancellations:
    Please cancel your order no later than one week prior to your scheduled shipping date (which is usually 1-2 days prior to your arrival date chosen) for a full refund less 5% of your total.  For all cancellations, there is a 5% cancellation fee which pays for our processing and administrative fees. This fee is deemed reasonable and consistent with costs incurred by the business.
  • Last minute cancellations:
    Perishable fresh flowers, supplies and schedules are arranged a week out.  Therefore, cancellations that are done within the one week timeframe (listed above) will be subject to no refund on flowers or leis.  Shipping and Handling costs will be refunded.  This includes all last minute orders placed within a week timeframe.

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